TraumasEnergy Healing

The traumas you had over your lifetime can stay stuck inside your body and mind. Traumas such as rape, molestation, neglect, abandonment, physical and emotional abuse. You might think you're over it because you no longer consciously think about it, but if that trauma has not been cleared from your cellular body it will manifest itself. Working with thousands of people I have seen it manifest as cancer, anxiety, fears, alcoholism, drug abuse, diabetes, sugar addiction and other forms of addiction and abuse.

A trauma is a shock to the physical, emotional and spiritual self. When something happens to you that is unhealthy or wrong your cells retain that knowledge. Your deepest self tries to get rid of it in any way it can. Addictions, anxieties and forms of self sabotage are a way your highest self is trying to heal or lighten the shock.

To cope with the trauma, you might subconsciously eat sugar. Stress from relationships, work, environment can quietly trigger the trauma and you start to binge on sugar. Many people think that what has happened to them is in the past. But many times, that information is just stored until it gets provoked. Unless you deal with the triggers, being Sugar Free Forever is very difficult. You will start to lose weight or feel better, but subconsciously sabotage yourself. In this program, the underlying triggers are dealt with so you can be Sugar Free FOREVER!