Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Is this a diet?

A-GOSH NO! My intention is to not deprive you but empower you to take control of your life, your health. You will be eating tons of food, just the right kinds that heal your mind and body. You will naturally lose weight because of the optimum levels of nutrition your body will be getting. Your goal is to eat really healthy 80% of the time and 20% get to do whatever you'd like. The program is created with the understanding that everyone has different needs. You will be provided with two eating menus that will satisfy ANYONE's food needs.

Q- What does Sugar Free Forever really mean? Does it mean that I won't eat ANY forms of sugar every?

A- No, the point of the program is to detox you from processed sugars that have no nutrition, vitamins, minerals or fiber. By using EFT and Hypnosis you will retrain your being to not crave sugar without going through intense withdrawal symptoms. You will also learn the most optimal ways of eating so your cells can rejuvenate and heal. If you have health issues, this is very important as you have the power to reverse many diseases through food. Better options of natural sugar will be offered to you through a training video on the student site.

Q- I'm excited about doing the program but I've tried before and failed.

A- Evaluate why you failed the last time. Was it because of emotional reasons, cravings, lack of sleep, stress? We don't fail because we aren't motivated or disciplined enough. We fail because we sabotage ourselves in some way or form. If you find out how you're sabotaging yourself, you will have 75% of the problem taken care of. The Sugar Free Forever program targets all these issues so you don't sabotage yourself.

Q- I don't want to feel like I'm being deprived!

A- I feel your pain! In this program you will be taught a way to eat that satisfies your cravings but in the healthiest way possible. Yes, there are treats. LOTS of them!

Q- I really don't have time to read labels and figure out what has the least amount of sugar.

A- This is a common dilemma for many busy people. The Sugar Free Forever program provides you with a list of foods and drinks with the least amount of sugar. In the mean time, you have to make a decision. There is plenty of research out there stating that sugar can be detrimental to your health. How much is your health worth to you? A few extra moments at the grocery store might be worth it.

Q- I can't afford spending more money on fresh fruits and vegetables as your program suggests.

A- A few ways you can cut cost is by buying in bulk. Stores such as Bj's,Costco's,Sam's Club have a huge selection of fruits and vegetables. Food Co-ops still exist. Local Harvest,Coop Directory, Organic Consumers are just few websites where you can locate one closest to you. Local ethnic markets such as Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Mexican are also an inexpensive way to buy fruits and vegetables. In Boston, Chinatown has a huge selection of fruits and vegetables from around the world that are cheap.

Q- What happens after the program is over?

A- After the program, your body and mind would have adjusted to being sugar free. Your job is to keep that way by eating highly nutritious foods that give your body what it needs. If your body is getting what it needs, it will not revert to old ways.

Q- Is there a good substitute for sugar?

Honestly, no. You see what is important is your blood sugar levels. Any forms of sugar will affect that. Natural sugars are really the only way to go. Remember, the longer you rely on sugar the harder the detox will be. Stevia, a herb, is the only natural substitute that I recommend.