• Hypnosis is a state of heightened learning where the unconscious and conscious mind communicates. Hypnosis reprograms your brain for success.
  • Anyone with normal intelligence who wants to change their life can be hypnotized. You are not weak minded if you're hypnotized. The more focused you are in succeeding the higher your success rate.
  • You can hear/remember everything during hypnosis. You never forget what happened during a session.
  • You accept only the suggestions that you are ready to accept. You will never do anything you do not want to.
  • You share only what you want to share. You never share something that you don't want to.
  • You come out of hypnosis at anytime. You never get stuck.
  • You are in full control.

Have you ever driven someplace and forgotten how you got there? This is the same as hypnosis. While you're driving your mind is still alert, scanning for dangers and details in your path. If a moose jumps in your path you will immediately stop the car. In hypnosis you are day dreaming, but your mind notices and hears everything. The more you day dream the better the unconscious mind receives the information.

Your unconscious mind is like a library. Each issue or problem has its' own shelf. Using Hypnosis, you go to that shelf in your mind you want to change. Take out the book that doesn't work for you (your habit) and replace it with books you really want.

What can it be used for?

      Weight Loss.
          Food addictions.
            Reduce Stress.
And Much Much More!!

The success rate.

Published research from the University of Iowa (1992) showed that to Stop Smoking:

  • 60%- Single session of Hypnosis.
  • 30%-Tapes with hypnotic suggestion.
  • 29%- Exercise and breathing therapy.
  • 25%-Aversion therapy.
  • 24%- Acupuncture.
  • 10%- Nicotine replacement.
  • 6%- Willpower.

Source: New Scientist Magazine, volume 136, issue 1845, October 31st, 1992

In 2006 Dateline NBC produced a show on weight loss. One participant Marc, lost 40 pounds using Hypnosis.
People who use hypnosis lose an average of 15 pounds, those that don't lose only six. -Oprah Magazine, December 2006 (Losing Weight: The Mind Game)
Money Magazine, 2007 (From Acupuncture to Vitamins: A Guide to Alternative Therapies) Money Magazine took a closer look at alternative therapies that work. Hypnosis was a therapy that did work. www.money.cnn