Sugar Facts

Did you know that:
  • Products can say it has no sugar, if it has 1 gram or less of sugar.
  • Sugar is the only taste we're born craving.
  • The first reference to sugar dates to 350 BC in India.
  • In 327 BC Alexander the Great spread sugar cane across Persia and the Mediterranean.
  • Sugar comes from the Sanskrit word "Sharkara" which means "pebble" or "material in a granuel form".
  • In 2001 Scientists found sugar in outer space!
  • Sugar was a luxury only the wealthy could afford.
  • Sugar cost $5 a teaspoon in 16th century England.
  • Sugar is used to grow penicillin.
  • Sugar hardens asphalt.
  • Sugar is used in manufacturing a rocket motor propellant called rocket candy.