kate I suffered from mood swings, severe PMS, anxiety and sleeplessness. I am feeling tons of energy, a lot less anxiety, very little PMS if any and I'm falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. The program will change your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.- Kate Ryan

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robert I have lost 20 pounds and now sleep better. -Robert Nagle

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melissa I went through diet after diet from the age of 11. I dealt with low erratic energy, aching knees, shoulder and most of my joints, really difficult PMS, feeling very huge in my body and bloated, having uncontrollable cravings at all hours of the day, and of course at night, binging, feeling emotionally overrun, dealing with acne and skin issues and also having stomach problems. Things that changed for me more increased and stable energy, more strength, lot less inflammation, even my plantaflaticious has resolved itself, and I've lost 15 pounds. -Melissa Alosso

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Sugar Free Forever changed my life. After more than 30 years of addiction to sugar, resulting in terrible swings in mood and energy, I wanted this monkey off my back! I've lost 10 pounds and still see the scale trickling down as my body sets it's weight according to my healthy c hoices. My energy is high, my skin is clear, my body is strong and lean, but most of all, I feel free from a terrible and demoralizing burden. - Susan De Lorenzo, Mansfield MA

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eileen My experience with Mona has been nothing less than life changing. I had been in and out of therapy with a psychologist for several years, trying to get rid of flare ups that I would have that were the result of post traumatic stress syndrome from a childhood event in my life. Besides the therapy, I was also on and off prescription medications for depression. After only 2 sessions I felt better than I had ever felt and my childhood trauma that had such a draining control on my life was completely gone. I didn’t even realize that I had stopped taking my anti-depressant medication until a week had passed. The amazing thing about this was the drug has very strong side effects and it isn’t the type of drug you can just stop without going through terrible withdrawals. I never experienced anything and my physical health was perfect. I have since continued to work with Mona and my life doesn’t resemble itself at all. I am stronger and more focused than I could ever have imagined and my life is falling right into place. I am happy, content, focused and powerful. - Eileen Turcotte

"With Mona I began a whole new way of eating and taking control of my body. Is is something that is easy, healthy and teaches you to understand the body and the way it can use what you feed it in a positive way. It leaves me no longer wanting foods that are bad for me." - Lorraine Cantino Stoneham MA

I was constantly feeling tired and my bones ached. I was convinced I had a medical condition. Mona did it. I stopped feeling achy and tired and sore all the time. Well, I am re-born. You are truly gifted and have a very special way with people. Thank you Mona for changing my life!! - Mary Ann, Stoneham, MA

I was sad, depressed and had anxiety issues. Therapy with a psychologist did not help me. I truly thought there would be no end to my misery. Mona has aided in me in finding a new career, moving out to my own place, and has put me on a path of true inner happiness and peace. My anxiety level is so much lower and my depression has subsided. I am much more self-confident. Without Mona I don't know where I would be today.- Jennifer Boyce

I have been very ill since I was a child and it got worse in my early twenties. I have tried everything from drugs to therapy to Chinese Herbs to Landmark education and although every single thing had helped I still was sick. After working with Mona, I am not sick anymore! I have lived more in this past year than ever in my life! - Jill McLean

In this day and age, most people of this Western Society believe any methods that doesn't include diagnostic testing and medication is "hokey"...I am here to say that even having been in the medical field for the past 13 years, there isn't a medication I have taken, or a treatment I have been given that has made me feel half as well...physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. - Susan Mahoney